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Mountain View Fire Rescue is a ISO Level 2 organization through the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) fire department accreditation process. The CPSE is an organization that offers accreditation programs for fire and emergency service agencies. The accreditation process is designed to assess and validate a fire department's commitment to meeting established professional standards.

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Key steps in the CPSE fire accreditation process:

Fire departments interested in accreditation submit an application to CPSE.

The fire department conducts a thorough self-assessment, comparing its practices to the CPSE's accreditation standards.

The department gathers documentation and evidence to support compliance with the accreditation standards.

Peer Assessment:
A team of peer assessors, consisting of experienced fire service professionals, conducts an on-site assessment of the department's operations.

Commission Review:
The CPSE Commission on Fire Accreditation reviews the assessment findings and determines whether the department meets the accreditation standards.

The commission makes a decision on accreditation status, and if successful, the fire department is awarded accredited status.

Accredited fire departments must undergo periodic reviews to maintain their accreditation status. This ensures continued compliance with established standards.

The CPSE accreditation process is voluntary but is considered a significant achievement for fire departments. It demonstrates a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in providing services to the community.

For specific details or updates on the CPSE fire department accreditation process, you may want to visit the official CPSE website ( or contact CPSE directly for the most accurate and current information.

So, WHY is being accreditated an important step for a fire service?

Accreditation and ISO Class 2 designation are crucial for Mountain View Fire Rescue for several reasons.

Enhanced Service Quality:
Accreditation involves meeting and maintaining established professional standards. By achieving accreditation and an ISO Class 2 rating, Mountain View Fire Rescue demonstrates a commitment to delivering high-quality services. This enhances the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the fire department in responding to emergencies and serving the community.

Community Safety and Confidence:
Accreditation and a favorable ISO rating provide tangible evidence to the community that Mountain View Fire Rescue is dedicated to ensuring their safety. The ISO Class 2 designation, in particular, reflects a high level of fire protection capabilities. This, in turn, builds confidence among residents and businesses in the area, knowing that their fire department meets stringent standards for emergency response.

Insurance Benefits:
ISO ratings are often used by insurance companies to determine property insurance premiums. A lower ISO Class rating, such as Class 2, indicates a higher level of fire protection, which can result in lower insurance costs for property owners in the community. This financial benefit is not only advantageous for residents but also contributes to the overall economic well-being of the region.

Professional Recognition:
Accreditation from organizations like the Center for Public Safety Excellence provides professional recognition to the fire department and its personnel. It signifies that Mountain View Fire Rescue has undergone a rigorous evaluation process and has met or exceeded industry standards. This recognition can enhance the department's reputation, attract skilled professionals, and foster a sense of pride among its members.

Continuous Improvement:
The accreditation process involves a commitment to continuous improvement. By regularly assessing and updating practices to meet evolving standards, Mountain View Fire Rescue ensures that it stays current with the latest best practices in the fire service industry. This dedication to ongoing improvement contributes to the department's ability to adapt to new challenges and provide effective emergency services.


Accreditation and achieving an ISO Class 2 rating benefit Mountain View Fire Rescue by improving service quality, building community confidence, reducing insurance costs, earning professional recognition, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. These factors collectively contribute to the department's ability to fulfill its mission of protecting and serving the community effectively.