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File of Life

May contain: label, text, word, driving license, document, and license

The File of Life program is meant to assist us in helping you in an emergency situation.  This form has all the necessary information for us to help you quickly and effectively.  It includes who you are, medical information, emergency contact, health information, health directives, and more.  Many times when crews arrive on scene, someone could be unconscious or unable to speak and this form provides valuable information to enable us to treat you effectively.  By filling out this form, we save time and resources and we can make sure you are getting the treatment you need.

The process for the File of Life is as follows: 

  • The information in your file should include a copy of your ID, any pertinent medical information, and if you have any Advanced Directive Documents.
  • Place the file of information on your refrigerator. 

It’s essential to update this form as often as needed; for example, if you have a new prescription you are taking.  Please fill this form out as completely as possible.  We recommend pencil for this section as you may need to change it more frequently than the other sections. 

A file of Life can be picked up from the Mountain View Fire Rescue Administration Office.  We also have them at most events we are at, look for our community outreach booth or tent! Please email us or call 303-772-0710 and we will send one to you. You can also download it here: