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Pet CPR Class 

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MVFR Staff with Dog at Pet CPR class

Have you ever wondered, would I know what to do if my animal had a medical emergency or needed life-saving measures like CPR?! This course teaches exactly that through a lecture-style presentation and hands-on practice using volunteer dogs. In it, you will learn how to obtain your pet's temperature, heart rate, and breathing rate to recognize when a medical emergency may be occurring. You will also learn basic life support (CPR) and life-saving techniques for moments when immediate action makes a difference. The course was developed and is taught by Crystal Connor, DVM. Dr. Connor is a Fear Free Certified Veterinarian at Left Hand Animal Hospital in Niwot. Prior to joining this hospital in 2016, she was an Emergency Veterinarian for 9 years working both in the Boston area and here in Colorado. We currently do not have an upcoming class scheduled. Please check back. 


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