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Human Resources

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The Human Resources Division exists to provide quality programs and services which support the District’s members in accomplishing the mission and strategic objectives adopted by the Board of Directors.  The goal of the Division is to attract, motivate, develop, and retain talented individuals necessary for the basic operation of the District and the delivery of quality services to the citizens within our District, as well as to support the changing needs of our employees and management, while advancing the strategic goals and interests of the District.  This effort includes conducting recruitment activities, the evaluation and referral of hiring lists, administrating promotional processes, onboarding new members through an orientation program, and providing consultation on interview design and oral boards, as well as other selection methods and practices.  

The HR Division organizes and coordinates all employment activities, administrates the District’s workers' compensation, insurance and benefits programs, provides HR-related training and coordinates award and recognition programs.  In addition, the HR Division is addressing the need for succession planning to ensure that the future needs of the agency are matched with the career objectives, as well as the identified leadership abilities of internal members.  Identifying and developing skills, knowledge and abilities helps prepare the District for attrition and organizational change, and helps to retain important institutional knowledge and experience.

The District will also continue to actively recruit and retain talented, committed and diverse members for volunteer, paid part time and career positions, to continue the strong legacy of service to the community and sustain the organization for the future.