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Marshall Fire 

On December 30th, Mountain View Fire Protection District experienced one of the most devastating fires in Colorado history. A high wind event lasting several hours with sustained winds over 100 mph contributed to this unique fire in the urban interface. 6,502 acres burned destroying 1094 buildings and damaging 159 more. Both homes and businesses were consumed by the fire as it advanced through neighborhoods in unincorporated Boulder County, the Town of Superior, and the City of Louisville. Regionally, 2021 started with record setting high precipitation. Unfortunately, the weather changed, and extensive drought was exasperated by higher-than-normal temperatures and three consecutive months without precipitation beginning in October. When the fire ignited in the southwest corner of the district, available fuels and vegetation were highly receptive to fire due to warm temperatures and low relative humidity contributing to the extreme fire behavior witnessed by firefighters. The hurricane force winds deposited embers into subdivisions on the west side of unincorporated Boulder County, the Town of Superior and the City of Louisville igniting buildings and landscapes in communities not normally affected by grass fires. As the fire progressed, the Town of Superior, City of Louisville, portions of unincorporated Boulder County and a small western section of Broomfield County were evacuated. The evacuation area included Avista Hospital, a memory care facility, and an assisted living facility. Good Samaritan Hospital was put on pre-evacuation notice but the fire subsided