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Sprinkler Activation Gets Superior Residents Back Home Quickly 

May contain: oven, appliance, and microwave
May contain: oven, appliance, stove, and gas stove



August 1, 2022

Sprinkler activation gets Superior residents back home quickly


Mountain View and Louisville fire departments responded to a water flow alarm in the Bell Flatiron Apartments in Superior this evening.  On arrival firefighters found the fire had been extinguished by a single sprinkler head in the kitchen.  The small fire was primarily contained to a box placed on the stove.  No one was hurt and while neighboring units below the fire affected apartment experienced some water damage, the residents of those units were able to return home tonight.  The residents of the fire unit will be staying elsewhere temporarily for smoke and minor flame damage repairs to the kitchen.


Properly designed fire sprinklers proved effective at keeping the fire small and reducing fire loss and getting our residents home quickly.