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Sprinkler Activation Prevents Hazardous Materials Incident 

May contain: bonfire, fire, flame, and machine



July 14, 2022

Sprinkler activation prevents hazardous materials incident

Mountain View, Louisville, and Lafayette fire departments responded to a commercial fire in a water treatment plant in unincorporated Boulder County around 11pm, Wednesday July 13, 2022.

On arrival, crews found smoke in the building and fire impinging on a chemical cabinet.  The fire damage was minimized by sprinkler activation and early responder notification preventing a larger chemical fire and hazardous material incident clean-up.  Investigators found the origin of the fire to be in the area of a battery and battery charging station.  The fire initially spread to other materials stored nearby, however; the sprinkler activation prevented additional fire spread.

Properly designed fire sprinklers proved effective at keeping the fire small and reducing fire loss.